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Our core services

We offer you everything you need for your internet presence and your innovative business software solutions!


First things first

Assessment of requirements, resources, and timeline

A consultation is carried out first of all when a homepage or an application is about to be created, and then all conditions, requirements, wishes, services, obligations, goals, and even possible obstacles or problems are clarified together.

Every project demands both quality resources and adequate time. Once we have gathered all the necessary information and defined the technical resources, we will draw up a possible timetable with milestones and their functional scope. Since this phase is crucial for any project’s success, we ask the client or the product owner to orient themselves well to decide with one voice and one mind besides our consultants and project managers.


Proof of concept

Prototype and Design

Based on your individual needs and expectations, we will draw up a concept plan together with you and continue to analyze your requirements internally to find out what best suits your requirements.

Similar to planning to build a house, this approach provides all the necessary information about everything that requires your project to be built. While we design and present a prototype/wireframe of the workflow, you/the customer can visually capture the entire idea and interact to contribute or refine the prototype. This kind of prototyping may seem a bit too much to some individuals, but it allows us all to capture the big picture of the project before it is coded. We have to make sure the product is thought through to the end because any planning error would increase the costs enormously or can even lead to the failure of the projects.


Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Designing & developing the website or software

Once the prototype/draft has been approved, it serves us as the basis for designing and development of the project. In this phase, close collaboration between designer and developer is essential. In our interdisciplinary software development approach, the basic idea of the associating person as a resource goes beyond their role in the project. It involves all of our in-house experts, who play an essential role in the problem-solving process, regardless of whether they officially belong to the respective development team.

During the development phase of your homepage or the Application, the process of programming takes place as usual on our development server. As soon as the planned milestones have been reached, you can follow the progress on the test server and send us feedback or other requests directly.


Inspection and approval

Quality assurance and implementation phase Software

Ultimately you have the desired result. However, it must fully meet your expectations, and the release must be granted. Of course, you still can consider something essential to improve the whole thing and ask us to do it.

Remember that the success of a project depends on four things:

  • The whole thing was thought through.
  • You had no or only minor deviations from the original concept during development and were not inflated with many new ideas that were not considered.
  • Proper and Agile project management.
  • Assurance of Quality.Qualitätskontrolle.
Approval of the project

Step by step: pre-launch, beta version, continuous improvement, and launch.

Skilled professionals.

We offer you tailor-made technical solutions that you need.

Homepage or intranet portals

Whether a simple homepage or large multilingual company website or a sophisticated BIG data portal with high traffic, we design everything so that it reflects the individual spirit of your main goal. In addition to the use of all goodies for the elegant look and feel, we attach great importance to user-friendliness.

B2B Service & Project Management

We offer you tailor-made solutions for all phases of software development projects in your company. We can be your I.T. Partner if you need more hands anytime, even by short notice or by arrangement. Check our team size and competency!

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a piece of a Web solution that is used to manage and provide the content of a website. We work and support with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Contao, Typo3, Modx, Django CMS, and many headless CMS such as Strapi or Directus.

App development

Do you need a native app for Android, iPhone, iPad OS, or hybrid Apps? We offer you secure, versatile, and high-quality app development, which considers all your intentions and goals. Whether a native app or hybrid app, we can deliver a professional and flawless solution for you.

Responsive Web Design

Of course, today's online presence must have Responsive Webdesign to be displayed correctly in all the popular browsers and devices we use. Responsive Webdesign is not a trend, but the standard, which offers the possibility of a device-independent communication.

Online Marketing

You have a website. But don't you get the traffic you needed? SMM, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Pay-per-Click Advertising, Google AdWords, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing... You probably know these terms. But we work with them every day in practice.


We have often asked why we recommend WordPress as a CMS. Actually, a CMS can be anything. We don't sell or market WordPress, but we offer all kinds of development and support for WordPress since 2008, the last 11 years. In most cases, we have found that WordPress is cost-effective and ideal to meet today's Web requirements.


We develop online shops according to your wishes and requirements. Whether it is the sale of a few products or a few hundred thousand products, we always have a suitable solution. WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware, Prestashop, Opencart, or customized solutions are a few to choose from the long list of Online Store solutions!

Internet and intranet portals

Vast experience in developing portal solutions from scratch, be it an international project in which millions of users access worldwide such as wesendit.com or an intranet solution such as employee platforms, knowledge management, or wiki solutions. We are experts, talk to us.

Technical emergency or support on demand

You have a problem with your homepage or software and need to fix it at short notice? No matter what happened or who made it, we know the most common technologies of today and can help you quickly and sustainably. No SLA is required. A quick turn-around is guaranteed.

Webserver and Cloud-hosting Management

By choosing the right service provider, you save money, time, and energy. Though we are not the traditional web hosting company, with 25 years of experience in data management, we know how important and critical it is choosing a suitable provider. We are happy to assist you as we currently manage more than 100 dedicated servers worldwide with Amazon, Google, Kinsta, CloudFlare every day!

Software solutions for enterprises

Software development or programming refers to the development of software for machines, specific devices, hardware systems, smartphones, the Web, security scripts, Web services, and other complex ERP solutions. We know what we are talking about here.